1st AB-PIC MPoSDev 2024

1St Al Banjari Postgraduate International Conference: Multidisciplinary Perspective on Sustainable Development (ABPIC-MPoSDev 2024)


Dear colleagues,
We are delighted to extend this formal invitation to you to participate in the inaugural:
1st Al Banjari Postgraduate International Conference, themed “Multidisciplinary Perspective on Sustainable Development.”

The conference will be held on 6th June, 2024 in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. The conference will be held in Hybrid Method (Offline and Online).

The Al Banjari Postgraduate International Conference aims to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse disciplines to come together and explore innovative approaches, share insights, and engage in discussions on the multifaceted aspects of sustainable development.

Further Information:
Conference information: conference-pasca.uniska-bjm.ac.id/
Submission templates: bit.ly/ABPIC-Templates
Submission Form: bit.ly/ABPIC-submit

+62 8223 1111 405 (Zakky)
+62 821 4835 1398 (Muhajir)
+62 878 1547 0999 (Fitrah)